Our 7-Day Live-in Winner

Our 7-Day Live-in Winner

Our 7-Day Live-in Winner

7-Day Live-in Services

This is the big winner in our stable of services: the 7-day live-in program. It is ideal for someone convalescing from illness or surgery, or someone who feels better when they have a full-time, day and night companion.

Advantage Home & health Services is particularly proud of its resources for long term live-in services. The way it works is that the primary caregiver is scheduled to check in at the patient’s home, usually on Sunday afternoon, and live there for a 5-day week. She is then relieved on Friday afternoon by a second live-in caregiver who will stay with the patient up to when the primary caregiver returns on the following Sunday.

Our Care Coordinators ensure the smooth transition between caregivers, and if anything goes wrong with a caregiver or with scheduling, they are there to provide the necessary remedy, usually by calling on one of their standby CNAs.

Our “7-day Live-in Plus” program

Advantage Home & health Services is one of the few agencies nationwide that offer this type of arrangement, incurring great savings for the family. This is applicable to situations where the demands on a live-in are becoming so great that she cannot cope, or cannot get sufficient rest or sleep. Instead of then reverting to around-the-clock care by way of two 12-hour shifts, we keep the live-in arrangement in place and supplement it with another 4 or 6-hour shift. This second (short) shift person would give the live-in caregiver an opportunity to rest or grab some sleep, and the point is this: the cost of the live-in, added to that of the additional short shift, is still considerably less than the cost of around-the-clock care by way of 12-hour shifts.

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